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 Welcome to Gurkhas 

 Welcome to Gurkhas 

In the Anglo—Nepalese War (1814-1816) between the Kingdom of Nepal (Gurkha) and the British East India Company the British were impressed by the Gurkhali soldiers which they called Gurkhas. Their was cry and is to this very day: Jaya Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali (Glory to Great Kali, Gorkhas approach)! In the Peace Treaty it was agreed that Gorkhalis could be recruited to serve under contract in the East India Company’s army. Gurkhas were thought to be a martial race because they were considered to be naturally war like and aggressive in battle to possess qualities of courage, loyalty, self sufficiency, physical strength, resilience, orderliness, to be able to work hard for long periods of time and to fight with tenacity and military strength.

 Today's Special 

Tender Lamb cooked with cream and yoghurt Nepalese style.

Location: Kallaroo

Lamb marianted over night with grounded spices , roasted in the oven serve with Nepali Pulau rice and sauce.

Location: Curambine Kallaroo

Traditional Nepali dish made from chicken marinated in ginger and garlic paste. Cooked with green chilli, onion, green pepper and tomato. Dressed with fresh coriander. Served mild or hot.

Location: Curambine